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Hi there, welcome to golly gosh creations. I'm Mark, photographer and co-founder and here's the story of how it all began.

After 25+ years of dedication to the art of photographing high profile commercial and advertising campaigns plus artfully capturing those deep emotional, timeless moments for families to cherish eternally. One day over lunch, Suzy (my wife and business partner, who was pregnant at the time) and I made the daring decision to embark on a parallel journey towards creating an array of magical earthy organic images that would live on forever with the intention to be embraced and enjoyed by all admirers of the exquisite wonders of Mother Nature's creations. The fruition of a bold leap of faith materialised in 2009 with the launch of Golly Gosh Gifts which we have recently rebranded to golly gosh creations.

My mother Sophie also shares a passion for creativity, prompting me to invite her to partake in the delightful process of crafting. With my professional guidance, our joint desires allowed us to produce sophisticated sculptures that mirror reality, which culminated in the establishment of our family enterprise, golly gosh creations.

During this early period, we moved closer to my parents in the country to accelerate our businesses growth and to embark on nurturing our young son’s future by creating a delightful family environment for his growth and wellbeing.

With a hands-on approach to design and marketing, Suzy and I curated our unique family business, dedicating time and effort to seeking out the finest printing techniques and products to showcase our growing collection. This commitment I truely believe is evident in the exceptional high quality of our range.

Each unique creation is delicately handcrafted out of an alluring assortment of flowers, leaves, fruit, vegetables and natures elements, making them aesthetically fascinating to view. Our designs are offered on a range of exquisite, functional high quality products.

Residing now in Thailand after being stranded during a March 2020 holiday with our young son and no way to return to New Zealand, we seized the opportunity to establish a new venture WOW Creations, offering more splendid images which encapsulates the splendour of Koh Phangan Island's remarkable treasures.

Please take a look: wowcreations.xyz. Another inspirational collection sure to bring you joy.

We hope you love what we do as much as we have loved creating it. And that you find just what you are looking for in that next gift or treat for yourself.

Warmest regards Mark


      GOLLY GOSH | Protea Bug creation.                                        



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