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Our Story

Golly Gosh New Zealand Handcrafted Products

Golly Gosh began in 2009 from the desire to create something beautiful with nature.

NZ Artists Sophie & Mark Henderson, Mother & Son share a unique parallel creative relationship. Together they use an assortment of floral elements to create colourful fashionable 3D sculptures then capture them in their photographic studio. Delicately handcrafting out of an alluring assortment of flowers, leaves, fruit, vegetables and natures elements, they are aesthetically fascinating to view.

Both Sophie & Mark have backgrounds in fashion and share a passion for creativity. Sophie's floristry skills have led her to work with creative teams arranging themes at some of the elite events across New Zealand. Mark is a professional photographer with 25+ years experience working with top advertising agencies on high profile accounts both Nationally and Internationally.

Sharing ideas about capturing the beauty of nature, their passion for creating together grew stronger. Their desire to create fashionable sculptures that are as realistic as possible has come to life in their family business Golly Gosh.

To create each sculpture, Sophie & Mark visit wholesale flower markets, local fruit and vegetable shops and are lucky enough to have good friends and admirers offering to share their beautiful gardens. Together they hand pick seasonal elements for their delicately crafted arrangements.

In addition to using the beauty of nature, Sophie & Mark enjoy creating with a range of experimental techniques and materials to fine tune their exquisite sculptures.

Suzy, Mark's wife makes up the third family member of Golly Gosh, being hands on with design and marketing. This unique family invest time and energy to source the latest and finest printing techniques and products to showcase their growing collection. This reflects in the outstanding quality of their range.

The Golly Gosh family hopes you enjoy their colourful collections as much as they did creating them!
GOLLY GOSH | Protea Bug creation
GOLLY GOSH | Sophie Mark Flower Girl Design  GOLLY GOSH | Sophie Mark Bag Handle Creation  GOLLY GOSH | Leaf Butterfly Creation  GOLLY GOSH | Sophie Mark Photo Session  GOLLY GOSH | Sophie Daisy Bag Creation